Brandman Research and Subject Guide

Expression of the Emotions Figure 15By Mr. T. W. Wood (“I am also greatly indebted to Mr. T. W. Wood for the extreme pains which he has taken in drawing from life the expressions of various animals.” – p. 26) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

We know that a student’s first visit to the Leatherby Libraries’ website can strike fear into even the bravest of the brave, so before you get your fur fluffed up, take a look at the Brandman LibGuide.


The Brandman Guide can help you with most of the tasks that you will be asked to complete during your educational journey. You will find information at your fingertips that covers Getting Started: Research Strategy, How to Find Books, How to Find E-Books, How to Find Articles, How to Borrow Items, How to Avoid Plagiarism, How to Evaluate Websites, APA, and Help (the most important). We even have embedded video tutorials to ease your way into college-level research.

How do I get to this treasure trove of information, you might ask? When you access the Library from your Blackboard site or from the Brandman website, you are taken to the Brandman University Library Services page where you will see the smiling faces of your Brandman library staff and a maroon toolbar floating above our heads.

Simply click on the Brandman LibGuide option on the toolbar, and you will be transported to the best tool a Brandman student can have.

When you get the opportunity, check out the Guide. We want to make your life simpler, so let us know if there is something that you would like to see included. Your Brandman library staff is here to help.


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