Library E-Resources Update – Discover! Search

All right! You made it through the third week of this term (almost)! Now, it’s time to think about the Signature Assignment! Perhaps, you are writing a paper on a literary topic and need to search for literary criticism. Perhaps, you are required to use at least 5 recent sources. Perhaps, the reference must come from peer reviewed journals. So, “how do I begin with my research,” you may ask.

Finding Articles

Finding Articles Video Tutorial

Not to worry! Discover! search has come to rescue! The Discover! search platform is a single interface to locate books, articles, and more on your topic since it cross-searches the library’s catalog as well as the majority of the library’s online databases (for articles). You can limit your results by material type for peer-reviewed journal articles, by a specific publication date range, and more! Watch the video to learn how to use the Discover! search as a starting point for locating research articles!

If you’d like to receive a walk-through of using Discover! or are in need of conducting in-depth research, visit Ask a Librarian! We are here to help!


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