Librarians: We’re Not Just For Research Anymore

Bibliotekarien innan konservering - Skoklosters slott - 97128
The Librarian by Giuseppe Arcimboldo [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

If someone told you that you could get higher grades on your assignments, would you be interested? What if someone told you that you could conduct your research in less time while getting better results? How much would you pay? What if I told you that both of these helpful tools are free? On average, tutors can cost from $25 per hour up to $100 per hour. That’s right. You can save time and frustration, become a more efficient student, find more credible sources, narrow your focus, and get the research results that you know are out there, just by asking a librarian.

Your Brandman librarians want to develop a personal relationship with as you work toward your degree. We have dedicated ourselves to finding ways to connect you to the information that you need to be successful in whatever program you are enrolled in. But we don’t stop at just helping you with search terms or databases. Your Brandman librarians can also help you narrow your topic to a manageable scope, show you how to evaluate sources, give you tips on how to manage your resources, and walk you through the labyrinth of APA or MLA citation format. We are truly full service.

The next time you are cursing your computer for not giving you the information that you know is out there, why not ask a librarian? You can find our contact information on the Brandman University Library Services page.

Remember. We care. We’re here. We’re waiting. Let us help.


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