Library E-Resources Update – LibAnswers

How do I get a copy of a thesis or dissertation online?

How do I check out a book?

Do I need a library card to check out materials?

Do I have to pay to receive library items via mail?

The Leatherby Libraries’ LibAnswers has answers to the questions above and more, and it is available 24/7!

For example, if you are wondering where you can access dissertations and/or theses, visit the LibAnswers page at where detailed, step-by-step instructions with screenshots are provided to help you find your way to a particular thesis or dissertation or search for what’s available on your research topic.


To learn more about what LibAnswers has to offer from the Q/A knowledgebase, just visit the Library’s homepage at and click Help from the menu bar located in the top left corner (or simply go to! Once you enter the LibAnswers search page, type your question in the search box, scan through the answered questions by clicking the Browse All link, or locate answers from a selected topic by choosing a specific one from the View All Topics dropdown list.

So, the next time you have a question, consider using the Library’s LibAnswers tool! If you can’t find the answer, don’t forget to contact your Brandman Library support team. Between LibAnswers and your support team, we have the solutions.


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