Library Happenings: Campus Art

Front of School

Front of Chapman University


Chapman University is currently in Interterm, which means that Spring semester doesn’t begin until February. With less students attending classes the library, and the campus has been quieter than usual. However this is a perfect time to give a small virtural tour of the campus itself. The Chapman University campus is lucky enough to have art scuptures, fountains, and statues sprinkled among the buildings and foliage, let me share a few of my favorites with you.

Front Fountain

This fountain in the front of the library is often surrounded by students enjoying lunch or each other’s company. In the warmer months it isn’t unsual to see students jumping into it!


Berlin Wall

This is a piece of the Berlin Wall that is displayed on campus.

Gentle Spring

This fountain is entitled “Gentle Spring.” This is another spot that students sometimes use to cool off.


Finally, this sculpture entitled “Emergence” is of a person posed ready to begin…a race? Life?

We are lucky to have such a lovely campus and to have the opportunity to share it with our neighbors in Orange and all of you virtually!


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