Discover Search or Library Catalog Search? What’s The Difference?


Discover! Search?

Or Library Catalog Search?

Where do I start?

When you access the search tools on the Leatherby Libraries homepage, knowing what materials you would like to retrieve will drive your choice between using the Discover! search or using the Library Catalog. Here’s a quick breakdown.

The Discover search is the broadest search tool on the library site. When you search using Discover and do not apply any limiters, you will receive results that may contain books, eBooks, newspaper articles, scholarly articles, dissertations, trade publications, conference proceedings, audio files, magazines, and more. The materials retrieved will be a mixture of sources from within the library and without. This means that much of the material retrieved may not be available to you without using interlibrary loan. Even then, some material retrieved using a Discover search without limiters may not be available at all. Don’t get me wrong. Discover is one of the best tools around, but you need to use more care and pay attention to the results carefully to make sure that you don’t get too excited about a source that may be out of your reach.

Library Catalog
The Library Catalog lives up to its name. It is a listing of the materials that physically reside in the library as well as many of the eBooks that we subscribe to. The catalog is a wonderful way to access books and DVDs. It does not work for searching for articles or materials not owned by the library. The good news? Most everything that you retrieve can be accessed either online or via our document delivery service. The bad news? There will not be as many options as a Discover! search.

In the end, both search portals have their uses. If you are confused about which one to use when starting your search, just ask a librarian. We’re here to help.


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