Library Happenings: Legumes Part Two

Legume Drawing 9

The Leatherby Library hosted a botanical art workshop in conjunction with the exhibit “An Illuminating Look at Legumes.” The workshop was open to artists of all skill levels, so Lugene, Cori and I jumped at the chance to learn how to draw some plants!

Legume Drawing 6

The Botanical Artists Guild graciously provided all the supplies we would need for our drawings. We had a variety of pencils, plants, and magnifying glasses.

Legume Drawing 1

We dissected sunflowers to get a closer view of what we were drawing.

Legume Drawing 7

Cori hard at work.

Legume Drawing 4

Lugene’s intricate leaves.

Legume Drawing 8

It was a great way to spend a couple hours on a Friday afternoon, and it allowed us to look at plants in ways we never had before. We may not be ready for our own exhibition yet…but we had fun learning the process!



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