Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

As you tap into the beginning of the Spring II session and check on upcoming research assignments, you might discover an unfamiliar type of resource that is required by your instructors – peer-reviewed journal articles. Peer Reviewed Video

What is a peer-reviewed journal article? In short, peer-review is a process most scholarly journals employ to ensure they publish the most credible work in the subject field. You can count on the article’s scholarly quality as it has gone through rigorous scrutiny before it’s published. Watch the video to learn more information.

Finding Articles How do you search for them? Begin with a Discover! search or use one of the Library’s other databases. A check on the “Peer Reviewed Journals (or Scholarly Journals)” limiter box will help you sift through various resources and retrieve only peer-reviewed journal articles and studies. Watch the video to learn how to use the Discover! search as a starting point for locating research articles.


As always, Ask a Librarian if you need further information. Have a great term!


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