Meet Your Brandman Library Staff

Lugene is holding World War Z by Max Brooks

Lugene is holding World War Z by Max Brooks

Hello, Brandman! My name is Lugene Rosen, and I am the Coordinator of Brandman University Library Services. I know that you are probably wondering what that means, so the best explanation of what I do is everything that needs to be done to ensure that you, our Brandman patrons, get the support that you need. I assist patrons with any library-related questions they might have, create videos to help out distance learners, give library instruction sessions (in person or via Adobe Connect), look for ways to make our website a better user experience, and generally, take on any task needed to make the Library more accessible for Brandman patrons.

When we decided to pose holding a favorite book, my decision was easy: World War Z by Max Brooks. As a zombie enthusiast, I had already devoured his first book The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead. When WWZ was released, I was giddy as a schoolgirl. I love the book on many different levels. First of all. . .zombies. Who wouldn’t love a book about the near extinction of the human race at the hands of flesh-eating hordes of the undead? But my love for the book goes deeper and touches upon my interest in the intersection between popular culture and scholarly research. From a literary standpoint, Brooks does something that many writers aspire to, but few master. Each story within the book is told by a different character, and his mastery of individual voices and world views make it difficult to believe that they were written by the same author. Brooks also presents a skillful rendering of the history of this alternate reality. His before, during, and after the apocalypse are wonderful examples of how details and consistency can build a sense of place that engenders the willing suspension of disbelief that mark a successful work of fiction. Finally, the book has several recurring characters that I truly cared about. In short, I laughed. I cried. I fell in love all over again. With zombies.

Wenling is holding Tuesdays with Morrie in both English and Chinese

Wenling is holding Tuesdays with Morrie in both English and Chinese

大家好! (Hello, everyone!) My name is Wenling Tseng, and I teach virtual library instruction sessions for Brandman University students and provide research assistance to the Brandman community. As a Distance Education Librarian, I hope to play a supportive role in your academic endeavors!

Studying abroad to receive a Master’s degree in Library Science from University of Maryland took me from Taiwan to U.S., and it was California’s sunny weather that made my family decide to relocate to the West Coast (although, I must say, I do miss the snowy days and the chance to take a stroll and explore the museums of the National Mall!)

My pick for a favorite book is Tuesdays with Morrie. Mitch Albom shares what he learned in the final class he had with his favorite professor. Fourteen lessons that inspire readers to think about the meaning of life — from the world, regrets, family, emotions, money, marriage, the fear of aging, and even the death. It’s not a lecture, but intriguing sound advice.

Kerry is holding Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Kerry is holding Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech

Hi everyone! My name is Kerry Ortloff and I am the Brandman University Library Services Assistant. I process all library material requests for Brandman University students, faculty and staff. I also create new library accounts and handle any account related issues (such as forgotten passwords).

In my profile picture I am holding up Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech, which should not be dismissed simply because it is a Young Adult novel. I think the central themes, of love and death and family, are relevant even for adults. It manages to maintain hopeful optimism in the face of life’s tragedies without being overly simplistic or saccharine.

Besides my love of books I also love (in no particular order): scary movies, cats, baking cookies, Netflix marathons (Mostly Gilmore Girls), cardigans, pop culture blogs, parenthetical asides, and dogs.

Before coming to Chapman University I earned my Master’s degree in social work. I used my degree to work primarily with young children and families in public schools. From the public school system I transitioned into working in a public library, and I fell so in love with the library culture and the overall goal of helping people in their continual pursuit of knowledge. Working here feels like home to me, and it is my hope that we can make you feel at home as well!


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