Library Renewals


By Harvard College Library [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Here at the Leatherby Libraries we try to give our Brandman patrons an adequate amount of time with their items, however sometimes you find yourself needed that book for even longer. If you ever find yourself needing more time getting a renewal is simple!

First you need to identify what type of item you have, is it a book we own at the Leatherby Libraries or is it a book you borrowed from another library via interlibrary loan (ILL)? All ILL books come with a bright red slip taped to the front that informs you that this book does not belong to our library. Chapman University Leatherby Libraries books will not have a red slip. Once you know which type of item you have then you can go about renewing it.

For items owned by the Leatherby Libraries you can log onto your Library account by clicking on “My Library Account” on the library homepage. Once you log in you can renew automatically. Please double check after you click “renew” that the date has changed. Occasionally the renewal will not go through because your library account is about to expire. If the date does not change upon renewal please call us here at the library at 1-800-344-5756 ex.1. We can renew your books for your over the phone!

For items that you have borrowed via interlibrary loan you must call us to renew them and you must call about one week before they are due. All interlibrary loan renewals are at the discretion of the lending library, this means sometimes a renewal request is denied. By calling to request the renewal a week ahead of time you give the lending library time to respond, and you give yourself time to mail back the item in case your renewal is denied. To renew interlibrary loans you will also call 1-800-344-5756 ex.1.



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