Library Happenings: Cat Wall!

cat wall 1

We make no secret of the fact that we LOVE cats and kittens here at the Leatherby Libraries. In fact, I have a theory that librarians in general just love cats at a higher percentage than the general public. For some reason cats and books just seem to fit together, maybe it is because a purring kitten makes reading that much more enjoyable?

Whatever the reason, we have a lot of cat owners and enthusiasts here in the library and our department has the special honor of housing The Wall of Cats.

cat wall 2

Among the many cat photos we also included our hero, The Crazy Cat Lady, in action figure form.

Cat wall 3

Many pretty kitties.

cat wall 4

Cori’s cat Axel is proudly displaying his half-stache.

cat wall 5

Jessica’s cat Frank makes himself a cozy spot in an unlikely place.

cat wall 7

My kittens Ziggy and Harper are siblings and best friends.

cat wall 6

They’ve grown a bit since their cat wall picture was taken.

The cat wall helps to brighten our work day, and we hope it will brighten yours too!



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