Library Happenings: Harper Lee

Harper Lee 1

In light of author Harper Lee’s death this past Friday, the Leatherby Libraries created a small display in her memory. Highlighted in the display is her classic novel “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Harper Lee was 89 years old.


Library Happenings: The Holiday Season

christmas tree 2015

The Chapman Campus is decked out for the holidays, including our annual Christmas tree, and it is starting to feel chilly…by California standards at least! The students here are gearing up for the end of the semester and looking forward to taking some time off to relax and spend time with their loved ones.


We hope your end of term exams and projects are going well, and please remember that the last day of library services will be December 22, 2015. We will reopen on January 4, 2016. Enjoy your winter break!

Library Happenings: Mini Books

2 mini book 3

We currently have a great display on loan from the Miniature Book Society. The miniature books in this collection vary widely; there are classics and children’s books. There are books shaped like a deck of cards and some with buckles and latches.

2 mini book 2

2 mini book 4

These miniature books are tiny works of art!

2 mini book 5

Library Happenings: Halloween

Halloween 2

Halloween was fun at the Leatherby Libraries!  The reference area was all decked out for the holiday complete with spooky books, classic scary movies, and pumpkins.

Halloween 5

Halloween 3

Halloween 1

Hope you remembered to take a break from your studies and had a happy Halloween!

Library Happenings: Chapman Clothesline Project

clothesline 6

The Chapman University campus was covered in multi-colored t-shirts this week as part of a sexual assault and sexual violence awareness campus. The t-shirts have all been made by Chapman students over a number of years and the goal is to show how prevalent sexual assault and violence is within the population. Each t-shirt color symbolizes a different type of trauma.

clothesline 4

clothesline 1

clothesline 3

clothesline 7

The goal of the project is to provide support for survivors of sexual violence in knowing that they are not alone and that they can overcome the trauma that has been inflicted upon them. It is a very powerful visual project.

clothesline 5

Library Happenings: Homecoming Week

2015 Homecoming 1

Last week was homecoming week here at Chapman, and the Leatherby Libraries participated by having faculty forums and a special book sale. The Chapman mascot, Pete the Panther, even stopped by to browse the collection.

2015 homecoming 2

Homecoming week always reminds us that Fall is in high gear here at Chapman, and it is at Brandman as well! As you enter the final weeks of this session, be sure to take a break from your studies to enjoy the changing of the seasons!

Library Happenings: The Angel Series

angel series 2

The Leatherby Libraries is currently hosting an exhibit by artist Isa D’Arleans, The Angel Series.

angel series 1

angel series 3

The collection is showcasing modern day angels grappling with modern day issues.

angel series 4

These paintings will be on display in one of our reading rooms here in the library so that the students can enjoy them while studying for their classes. This blog is our way of sharing that experience with our distance education students.

angel series 5

Library Happenings: Kids Giving Hope to Kids

kids hope 5

We have a very special display curently being exhibited here in the Leatherby Libraries: Kids Giving Hope to Kids. This collection of children’s artwork is the personal project of Lynn Matthews. Lynn is a registered nurse that has travelled to refugee camps in Northern Iraq, after meeting with the children in these camps she had an idea for a different type of Pen-pal. Lynn asks Afghan school children and American school children to create letters and drawings of hope and peace to deliver to the Syrian and Iraqi refugee children.

Kids hope 1

kids hope 4

kids hope 3

kids hope 2

Library Happenings: Cat Wall!

cat wall 1

We make no secret of the fact that we LOVE cats and kittens here at the Leatherby Libraries. In fact, I have a theory that librarians in general just love cats at a higher percentage than the general public. For some reason cats and books just seem to fit together, maybe it is because a purring kitten makes reading that much more enjoyable?

Whatever the reason, we have a lot of cat owners and enthusiasts here in the library and our department has the special honor of housing The Wall of Cats.

cat wall 2

Among the many cat photos we also included our hero, The Crazy Cat Lady, in action figure form.

Cat wall 3

Many pretty kitties.

cat wall 4

Cori’s cat Axel is proudly displaying his half-stache.

cat wall 5

Jessica’s cat Frank makes himself a cozy spot in an unlikely place.

cat wall 7

My kittens Ziggy and Harper are siblings and best friends.

cat wall 6

They’ve grown a bit since their cat wall picture was taken.

The cat wall helps to brighten our work day, and we hope it will brighten yours too!